Shi Fang Fu Shi (Shenzhen) Company Limited is a garment accessories factory which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hung To Shoulder Pad Manufactory Limited. Our factory with professional teams and technical experts is in Shenzhen, and we also have office in Hong Kong.
In order to adapt with the fast pace of the constantly changing market and technology, we have the most advanced equipment and facilities to develop products and services which tailored to customers needs.We have a wide range of products include shoulder pads, bra cups, bra pads, and toe pads and these items could also be designed depending on customer preference.
With over twenty years of experience and expertise in the industry, Shi Fang has accessed to the dynamic markets of North America, Europe and Asia.
Due to our continued success, we have developed a solid relationship with many world famous top brands. We will continue to maintain high quality standard and to develop new innovative products to meet the market needs. We are a company to trust and rely on.